Regular pet health checks

Health and happiness for your pet

Here at Animal Health Centre in Bristol, we are passionate about keeping your pets healthy and happy.

Having regular pet health checks for your furry friend helps assess the condition of your pet and detect any underlying disease or problems.

Unwanted additions to your pet, such as fleas, ticks, mites and worms are all easily treatable by our preventative products that can be discussed and prescribed by a vet at the same time as a routine health check.
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Thorough annual examinations

At Animal Health Centre, Bristol, we aim for a vet to see every one of our patients at least once a year for a thorough examination, normally at the same time as the annual vaccinations.
Our qualified nurses also run a range of clinics and free health checks available to your pet, including:

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Get your new family member checked

Getting a new pet can be an exciting but overwhelming affair.

Book an appointment and come see one of our vets who can make sure your new family member is healthy. We'll give you lots of help and advice on how to go about looking after your new companion.
We also offer complete puppy and kitten packages including vaccinations.
Health checks, advice and health care packages for your new pet

We'll give you lots of help and advice on how to go about looking after your new companion.
Bringing your pet into the vet from an early age, even just to see a nurse to be weighed and have a treat, will help them learn to like the vets, making life much happier for you and them should they ever need to come in for less enjoyable reasons!

For pet care advice and other services call Animal Health Centre of Bristol on

In an emergency out of hours, please contact the emergency vet service.

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