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Animal Health Centre was established in 1990 and Nicky Bromhall started here as a part-time vet in June 1993.

In March 2002 she bought the practice and since then has turned it into a modern and well equipped centre, all the time maintaining the original values of being a small, friendly practice for both you and your pet. In 2021 Animal Health Centre became part of a larger group of Veterinary Practices to deliver even better veterinary Care. 
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Animal Health Centre in Bristol is an accredited member of the Practice Standards Scheme, set up by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

This ensures that the practice meets the high standards set by the RCVS and we are recognised as a 'Core Standards General Practice'.

We are regularly inspected to make sure that the high standards are continued. Click on the RCVS logo below to find out more.
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Star Patient!

A cat
Eye treatment
                                        Star Patient Contact lens Reggie

Reggie initially come into us with a sore left eye, he had developed a painful conjunctivitis of unknown origin. We treated him with the usual mix of eye medications for infection and lubricants to help keep the eye more comfortable and also pain relief. When an eye is painful the body reacts to protect it and pulls it back into the socket further than usual. 
This can result in secondary problems and notably in Reggie’s case he developed an in- turned lower eyelid, called an ‘entropion’. This meant that despite managing the original conjunctivitis, the hairs on the lower eye lid were now rubbing on the surface of the eye, the cornea, and caused an ulcer on the front of the eye! To treat the ulcer we needed to hold the hairs away from the eye which we did by placing a contact lens over the ulcer to protect it. It worked very well but could not be held in position for long enough to allow the ulcer to heal. Human contact lenses are increasingly being used in the veterinary field of ophthalmology. Ultimately we decided that surgery to correct the entropion was the only way forward, Holly operated on Reggie’s lower eyelid to remove a small section which corrected the in-turn. Reggie didn’t look back ( no pun intended) at this stage and the ulcer healed within a few days with no complication.
It is a big ask of any cat to have repeated eye examinations and medications but Reggie deserves his star status as he was a such a lovely patient who allowed us to treat him without complaint.

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