Pet dental care in Gloucester Road 

If you want to protect your pet from developing a host of dental health issues, proper dental care is a must. At Animal Health Centre, we have over six decades of experience in offering expert advice on matters concerning dental hygiene of pets. Based in the heart of Gloucester Road, we serve clients across Bristol including Horfield, Bishopston, Redland and St Andrews. Contact us today for more information.
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Importance of dental health for pets

Puppy & kitten clinic
We offer clinic appointments to ensure that your puppy or kitten is developing as one would expect. We are able to offer help and advice to new pet owners.
Weight clinic
Having a pet that is overweight can mean that it much more likely to develop serious health conditions such as diabetes mellitus, osteoarthritis, urinary stones or heart disease. Contact Animal Health Centre to discuss how we can help your pet to lose weight.
Geriatric clinic
Just like people, older cats and dogs are more likely to start getting health issues, including arthritis, dental disease, thyroid problems, high blood pressure and more. One of the main differences between us and our pets is that they can hide the early signs of these problems, often carrying on as normal until the condition is fairly well advanced. At Animal Health Centre, we are experienced in offering the best level of care for your geriatric pet.
Dental clinic
Good dental health means your pet has a much reduced chance of experiencing dental problems in later years. You need to ensure that a qualified vet examines your pet's gums and teeth. This will help prevent the accumulation of bacteria which can lead to issues such as periodontal disease. Infections caused by dental problems can be quite serious as well. So if you're based anywhere in Bristol, the dedicated team at Animal Health Centre can help ensure that the dental health of your pet is excellent.

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